Traffic jams at Country Jam

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MACK, Colo. Fans haul into the Grand Valley for the Major Mortgage Country Jam and battle it out in mile long traffic jam before getting to the festival gates.

Festival goers reported wait times upwards of three hours on Thursday night before they were able to snag a seat for their favorite concert.

Drivers were getting anxious in the standstill traffic.

They began honking their horns getting out of their cars in frustration.

Many fans speculate new management may the cause of the delays with new festival restrictions.

"I feel like it's more disorganized, like I understand you have to have rules, but it's kind of a downer, it bums it out,” says Heather Hollar, a Country Jam Veteran.

The flow of traffic began to loosen up after the six o'clock rush hours, but many festival veterans say they've never had to wait like this before.

Country Jam event organizers advise everyone to leave a little earlier than expected in order to avoid the traffic and make it to the concerts on time.

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