Teens learn skills in App for Life Class

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo Technology is an important part of most people’s lives, and many young teens don’t have the confidence to talk to one another without the use of cell phones and other technology.

The Mesa County Libraries are trying to help kids gain valuable life skills in a new series called Building Life Skills “App for Life.”

The series will be going on from Monday June 16th to Thursday June 19th, with a different life skill in focus every day.

On Monday teens worked on build self-confidence and socializing skills all without the use of technology.

Anita Reynoso is the teacher of the series and says learning these different life skills as a teenager can be fun and that is what the classes are trying to show kids.

“We do fun games, and activities with them and then along the way, we teach them different skills as far as self-esteem, problem solving and things like that,” said Reynoso.

Kids can still join the life skills class, parents just have to sign them up, and it’s free to attend for kids 13-18 years old.

Parents can sign up on the Mesa County Library website Event Calendar at mesacountylibraries.org or by calling 243-4442.

The classes are held at the Central Library on Fifth Street and Grand Avenue.

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