Rising rental prices in Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Vacancy rates continue to drop and drive prices up…Mesa County residents are left with limited housing options.

With few apartments left on the markets and decreasing vacancy rates, prospective renters are having an incredibly hard time find new homes.

In the last year, the city of Grand Junction has experienced an 8% decrease in vacancy rates.

Currently it sits at about a 5% vacancy rate and housing authorities expect to see this number dip even lower with the release of the report from the second economic quarter of the year.

“In Mesa County families need to earn about $14 dollars an hour to afford a modest, two bedroom apartment,” says Lorie Rosendahl of the Grand Junction Housing Authority.

It's not the rental prices that have increased.

The issue renters now face are less options that force them to often reach beyond their desired budget for apartments.

Local organizations like the Grand Junction housing authority are working to help lower income residents find affordable housing.

They've opened up the waiting list for rental vouchers and are currently accepting applications for rental assistance.

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