Community reacts to Blagg retrial

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The memories from Michael Blagg's trial are coming back to the surface as the community braces for a retrial.

"I feel like the trial was put to bed," Shayla Cox said. "The community overall was extremely happy with the verdict. And now, ten years later, with it coming about, it brings up a lot more questions for the community."

Some people said they were surprised to hear Judge Bottger granted Blagg's motion for a retrial because they said it'll cause more harm to those close to the family.

"The long drawn out case was obviously televised publicized and very involved in Grand Junction," Cox said.

Others said they're angry with juror Marilyn Charlesworth, who the judge decided lied on her juror questionnaire.

Also, taxpayers will have to pay for the extensive trial a second time.

"I can't believe the expense and the cost and the trouble that's involved in this occurrence just because that one lady couldn't tell the truth," Steve Fox said.

The District Attorney's office could file an appeal against the retrial, but the office hasn't made that determination yet.

DA Pete Hautzinger also isn't sure if Marilyn Charlesworth will face charges.