Leach Creek project progress

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Third times a charm...construction efforts continue for the third consecutive summer on a stormwater detention facility in Grand Junction.

The Leach Creek dam is a collaborative project from the National Guard, the Bureau of Land Management, the City of Grand Junction, and the 947th Engineer Company.

The purpose of the stormwater detention facility is to alleviate the flash flooding that affects the area surrounding Mesa Mall during monsoon season in the Grand Valley.

“This dam is to capture that stormwater runoff and store it temporarily and release it at a slow rate,” says Lee Cooper of the City of Grand Junction.

Construction will be going on until June 20th.

Crews will be working to finish the spillway portion of the project during the summer session.

Officials have no official completion date for the dam, and at this time they are still waiting for additional funding to come through for the project.

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