Another education funding initiative coming to November ballot

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A new way to fund education without raising taxes is the goal of Coloradans for Better Schools's November ballot initiative.

"After last year's unsuccessful statewide tax for education, this is the only place that i could see where you'd have 100 million dollars for new money for K-12 education," Wade Haerle said.

The idea would use proceeds from limited stakes gaming at three horse racetracks to fund K-12 schools.

Schools would receive $100 million every year from the gaming, with three million of that going to local school districts like District 51, Plateau Valley and De Beque.

"This is new money for K-12," Haerle said. "It goes into a new fund in the Department of the Treasury for the state of Colorado. It would be given out equally on a per pupil funding basis."

The current horse racing facility in Arapahoe would be able to immediately apply for limited stakes gaming if the ballot initiative passes.

Plans would then start being put in place to build facilities in Mesa and Pueblo Counties.

The initiative has fees built into it for the gaming facilities to pay the counties for extra services that are needed when gambling is brought into an area.

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