ATV experts remind riders of the importance of safety

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. After a serious ATV accident injured Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken Rouen, ATV riders and instructors are reminding people the importance of taking precautions when getting on those four wheels.

"If you're not familiar with them, don't get on them until you are or be extremely careful," said Kenton Page, a certified ATV safety instructor.

ATV riders should always wear proper gear like helmets, gloves and full-length clothing.

"It should always be a long sleeve shirt, long legged trousers and a helmet with either a visor or a face shield. Very, very important," Page said.

Also, checking equipment prior to starting up the ATV can ensure it all works properly on the trip.

"You should've already checked over your tires to make sure they have the proper tire inflation," Page said. Very, very critical. If you're going to be gone very far, you should always be carrying extra gasoline with you."

The safety advice comes for free with buying an ATV from All-Terrain Motorsports.

"We tell all the customers we'd like to recommend not changing any stock parts and to always wear the proper safety equipment," said Dylan Osborne, of All-Terrain Motorsports.

There are ATV safety courses available, which riders recommend for anyone thinking of getting on an ATV.

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