Mother Nature wreaks havoc on Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It was a quick but powerful storm that blew through the Grand Valley Sunday leaving behind a path of destruction that crews said could take weeks or even months to completely clean up.

In less than an hour yesterday winds reported by the National Weather Service reached 56 miles per hour and knocked down trees, power poles and lines.

Officials with the City of Grand Junction have been going through the areas impacted by the storm. They said about a dozen Conifer, Spruce and Pine trees were destroyed and they couldn't even keep track of how many Elm and Ash trees fell victim to the winds.

Crews say a lot of the trees that went down likely won't be replanted, but clean up efforts will keep them busy for a while.

"It was a lot of man power between emergency services and us yesterday and certainly we'll spend today and probably the rest of the week if not the summer just trying to do as much mop up as much as we can," Tom Ziola, City of Grand Junction.

Many residents also dealt with power outages last night. An Xcel Energy outage map reported thousands of their customers were without power. Grand Valley Power customers fared better with only about 25 reported on the north side of Grand Junction.

The damage around town was so extensive maintenance crews say there are still affected areas that haven't be discovered yet. They don't know what the price tag will be to get everything cleaned up.

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