Pothole Safety Guide

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DELTA COUNTY, Colo. The recent drowning of a sixteen-year-old in an Escalante Canyon pothole has authorities working to inform the public of the dangers of Western Colorado's landscape.

"Potholes are big holes in the rock where there are pools of rock that are sometimes fun for people to swim in. They have unique hazards because the water recirculates in the pools,” says Collin Ewing of the National Conservation Area.

Undercurrents in the potholes have the power to pull down even the strongest swimmers wearing proper protective gear.

In response to past drowning incidents in the potholes, warning signs have been posted to caution the public against dangerous water conditions.

Signs are located at the trailhead...reminding hikers of the lives lost to reckless accidents in the potholes.

Life jackets won’t protect you against all hazards that could take place in the water, but they do give swimmers a fighting chance in strong currents.

The last fatality to occur at the Escalante Canyon potholes was nearly ten years ago and authorities hope continued efforts will work to keep you safe.

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