Collbran mudslide town hall meeting

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COLLBRAN, Colo. Less than two weeks ago a massive mudslide shook the Town of Collbran, taking the lives of three men with it.

Thursday night, the shell-shocked residents had the chance to have their questions answered and learned about the possibility of another devastating slide.

Officials have placed six devices around the slide area to gather information about the current status of the area; several of those are providing information about the water collecting at the top of the slide and will also detect any movements that could signal another potential disaster.

Many residents say they are still nervous about the possibility of another slide but have been put at ease by the sheer number of emergency responders who have been working in the area.

"The command post, there were so many officials there and working to help us out and let us know whats going on," says Collbran resident, Tammy Perrin. "That was certainly comforting to see."

Every house along the Plateau Creek rd has been given a weather radio to alert them in the event of another slide.

They also discussed the rising water at the top of the slide area which, at latest measure, is about 15 feet deep and still growing... and they say it has another 22 feet to go before it would hit a channel that would allow the water to come out.

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