More changes to come in the future for I-70B

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The I-70B corridor won't be seeing any new construction projects this summer, but plans are in the works for more improvements in the future.

The North Avenue interchange along with the intersection of Grand Avenue and 1st Street are next on the list for the Colorado Department of Transportation's I-70B plans recommended from a 2008 environmental assessment.

"The I-70B project really took a look at how we can improve access points all along this section of roadway," said Tracy Trulove of CDOT.

City engineers said the Grand Avenue intersection especially needs a new traffic patter to better accommodate the rush hour traffic.

"Just having a more square configuration and not the complexity of the 5-legged intersection will eliminate that complexity and that kind of driver confusion," said Trent Prall, engineering manager for the city of Grand Junction.

The projects are still in the designing stage. The North Avenue interchange would be the first to be redone followed by the Grand Avenue intersection once CDOT secures funding.

It could be years before drivers see any changes.

"Often our projects will get designed, but then sometimes sit on the shelf until the funding piece of the project comes along," Trulove said.

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