Advertising at 40,000 feet

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Mesa County is given a unique opportunity to reach millions of new potential visitors and it's in an unlikely spot - tens of thousands of feet in the air.

In just a few days any passengers flying US Airways will find a brand new spread in their seatback pocket magazine highlighting much of what the Grand Valley has to offer.

The feature is 36 pages long, filled with everything from the best peaches and wine to local small businesses and a highlight on Downtown Grand Junction.

"The businesses that are here, the different economic opportunities, our amazing healthcare system, our education system," says county commissioner Rose Pugliese. "I really think it's an opportunity to promote everything that Mesa County has to offer."

It's a chance very few communities can say they've gotten and local business owners say anyone who sees it will get a look at why everyone who lives or works here is so proud to call the Western Slope home.

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