8-year-old gets wish granted with boat ride

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A few months ago a little girl wrote a letter asking the Mesa County Safety Council for a favor and today her wish came true.

Rebekah Keen asked to go on a boat ride and this afternoon she was joined by family and friends on Highline Lake.

It all started with the Mesa County Safety Fair. Mrs. Adams second grade class went to the fair and learned so much that they decided to write thank you letters to the Mesa County Safety Council. That's when Rebekah's letter caught the eye of one safety council member.

While Glenn Kaiser was sifting through dozens of thank you letters from local students he ran across one that stood out.
It had a note at the bottom that said, "P.S. I would love to go on a boat ride." Being a boat lover himself, Glenn immediately got to work to set it up.

"I get to go on a boat ride and i think it's going to be a lot of fun," Rebekah said.

Even though planning started months ago, it wasn't until today that the weather was warm enough for the whole group to come out.
Cabela's also met with the kids and their parents to give them some gifts. The kids were surprised with new hats and fishing poles.

"I was very surprised and I thought it was very very kind of them to make that happen," Rebekah's teacher Chandra Adams said.

Not only did Rebekah's family get to tag along, but Adams family got to join in as well. For her kids it was also their first time being on a boat.

"It means the world," Adams said. "It's very cool that I get to be a part of that and see her enjoy the boat ride for the first time."

The group was so big that the park ranger had to make a few different trips to get everyone out on the lake. Rebekah was told she got to go on the first ride.

"I'm kind of nervous, happy and... Excited," Rebekah said.

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