School visits from District 51

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. District 51 has long since been making home visits as a way of taking disciplinary action outside of the classroom.

School officials say the purpose is to work hand in hand with parents to teach children lessons that will last them for a lifetime, but one Grand Junction parent says they may be overstepping bounds.

"Sometimes the school feels the need to go to the house, often the parent is notified sometimes it might not be the direct parent, it might be a guardian, but there is always an adult notified when we are going to do a home visit,” says Cheri Taylor of School District 51.

School officials say that house calls can be made for anything from truancy to behavior problems and are a common occurrence for school administrators.

House calls are concerning to some parents because they feel it is an invasion of privacy in the home and can escalate teaching moments for their children more than necessary, but District 51 says their actions always have the child's best interest at heart.

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