Law enforcement steps up party patrols

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Underage drinking is a serious offense, anyone under 21 can be charged with a minor in possession offense, which could mean serious repercussions in the future.

But the underage drinkers aren't the only ones in danger of criminal charges, so are the parents who supply them with the liquor.

Now law enforcement is stepping up their watch using party patrols - when all of our local agencies band together to find parties where illegal activity is occurring.

"Typically if they're going to be supplying alcohol to their own child and they're hosting a party they're probably going to be providing liquor to other children," says Chief Deputy District Attorney, Trish Mahre. "Many parents aren't going to approve of that and in fact it's illegal."

There are two different kinds of criminal offenses adults can be charged with:

- Contributing to the deliquency of a minor - class four felony, punishable by prison time

- Supplying liquor to minors - class one misdemeanor

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