Students at CMU get hands on learning

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. CMU students spend a lot of time in the classroom during their four years of college, and this semester the Emerging Markets class in the School of Business got the chance to work one on one with a local company.

Reynolds Polymer Technology of Grand Junction already has an international reach but with the help of Stan Heister’s class they can look into further expanding into India, China, or Brazil.

The company builds one of a kind aquarium, pools, and other acrylic pieces.

The Students researched the country’s different infrastructures, the presence of other companies, and the pros and cons of developing their business in those countries.

Mariah Bisson a CMU senior said the experience she has gained throughout this semester will help her when she graduates. “It's a great opportunity our business program really gets involved in the community it really allows us to have real life experiences.”

Board members from Reynolds Polymer sat down on Monday to hear the recommendations of the class, and will compare them to the research they have done, and will consider what the student had to say.

“What I told the class is to develop a sales and marketing plan, and some operation strategies for us, as we go into these markets and we'll get together at the end of the semester and review and we'll have some RPT management there and we'll all sit down and go over it," said Ed Mueck from Reynolds Polymer.

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