College Affordability Act to help CMU students

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Colorado's new education act is helping college students focus more on getting their education rather than how they're going to pay for it.

"It'll help for the students who graduate to get jobs to contribute more to the workforce instead of spending all their money on paying back student loans," said West Crouch, a CMU student. "They can contribute more to society."

The College Affordability Act will give $100 million to Colorado colleges including more than $2.2 million to Colorado Mesa University.

The act also requires colleges to keep tuition increases below 6% each year, which CMU already does as it has the lowest average increase in the state for the past three years.

"The infusion of money is going to be a positive for us," CMU President Tim Foster said. "I think trying to maintain costs as well as we can. We're no stranger to that."

$40 million of the $100 million will go to student financial aid programs.

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