Survey shows Coloradans happy about legalization of pot

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The decision is still split in Grand Junction - many think it's not a big deal, but others still worry about it.

A Quinnipiac University poll reports Republicans said legalized marijuana has been bad for the state 62% to 28% and voters 65 years and older agree it's bad 62% to 28%.

All other groups say it's good for the state and overall have a positive view of the state's pot experiment. 54% of voters support the law legalizing the substance.

"People are doing it already it might as well be looked at as that instead of something to hide we can learn from it," Aaron Seibert, Supports marijuana legalization.

The poll also asked people what their opinion on driving with weed being so easily accessible. 54% of people who voted say driving has not become more dangerous.

However even those who support the legalization say driving while high should be taken very seriously.

"It's not a good idea just like alcohol just like anything else it's a substance that alters you," Seibert.

The survey also shows the majority of voters say marijuana will save the state and taxpayers a significant amount of money, it will have a positive impact on the state's criminal justice system and it increases personal freedoms in a positive way.

The poll also covers attitudes towards political candidates. 52% of voters are less likely to vote for a candidate for office who smokes marijuana two or three days a week while 43% say it would not impact their vote.

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