Fruita Middle School parents step up for more school security

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FRUITA, Colo. With school violence making recent headlines across the country, parents are taking a closer look at how safe their children's schools really are.

Fruita Middle School PTA members decided to start raising money for a security door that would allow the office to have better control of who comes in and out of the building.

"All the events that have happened across the nation I think parents and staff in the buildings almost feel that there's a time constraint. the sooner, the better," said Leslie Canup, FMS PTA treasurer.

District 51 is on board with the idea, but it doesn't have the immediate funding.

"What it does is really creates a safe learning environment and a single point of entry," said Tim Leon, of District 51 safety and security. "That's huge. All the people have to come to one point and it's easier to manage."

The specialized security door could cost more than $10,000, so the parents have decided to step up in hopes of getting it installed this summer.

"Without the PTA's help, it would probably slow down the process of installing it," Leon said.

The mothers will be at the FMS car pick up line on Fridays school is in session to collect money.

If you want to donate, you can contact PTA President Kristin Koper at 970-623-4287 or

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