Preventing catastrophe: prescribed burn in Palisade

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PALISADE, Colo. The Bureau of Land Management teamed up with the Town of Palisade Thursday to do a prescribed burn on the Palisade Watershed.

As crews planned the burn they had to wait for the perfect weather conditions and got exactly what they needed on Thursday.

Burns like this one remove vegetation that can become extremely dangerous fuels come fire season.

"Really the operation today will cost about as much as the large air tanker drop on a wildfire," says Fire Management Specialist for the BLM, Lathan Johnson. "So if you think about that, it's good to be proactive and try to get out in front of the situation we found ourselves in."

During their burn, the BLM focused on oak brush that burns quickly and provides great fuel for a wild fire.

Their purpose is to protect the watershed and the people in surrounding areas.

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