Group assembles in support of Affordable Care Act

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Keeping the Affordable Care Act in place is the mission of Grand Junction Organizing for Action members.

They assembled outside Congressman Scott Tipton's office Wednesday to express their support for the law they say is making a difference in millions of lives.

"Most of us worked pretty hard to get that act passed," said Rick Baer, the group's leader. "There's a lot of people covered under it now. We know that over 8 million people across the country were covered."

Group members said they don't agree with Tipton's efforts to repeal the law.

"A lot of his constituents are covered and a lot of them benefited by it," Baer said. "We want to pose the question to him: do you still want to repeal it or do you want to represent your constituents?"

Congressman Tipton was not in town Wednesday when the assembly was going on. He did release the following statement about his stance on the Affordable Care Act:

“With sky-rocketing premiums and deductibles under the President’s health care law putting care out of reach for millions of American families and seniors, rural Americans being penalized with higher premium costs than those in urban areas, and providers forced to turn away patients because of the colossal expansion of Medicaid, it’s clear that the President’s health care law is neither accessible nor affordable.

Congressman Tipton is pushing to replace the President’s healthcare law with an alternative solution that truly expands affordability and accessibility for all Americans—a patient-centered approach that allows for portability and pooling of coverage and ensures coverage of pre-existing conditions. This can be achieved through a market-driven solution that incentivizes enrollment with affordable access to quality care without forcing people to buy insurance they may not want through a mandate, enacts comprehensive tort reform to protect patients while preventing frivolous lawsuits, and rewards innovation in the health care delivery system.

There are plans that have been introduced in the House of Representatives that are a good start to achieving these ends, including the Empowering Patients First Act (H.R. 2300), of which Congressman Tipton is a co-sponsor. The ideas in these plans deserve a closer look, and Congressman Tipton is hopeful they will be included in the national conversation as to truly bring about affordable and accessible health care in this country.”

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