Grand Junction firefighters learn to fight fire with foam

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Grand Junction firefighters learn to fight fire with foam to prepare for a type of fire that calls for more than water.

Thirty firefighters participated in wednesday's live burn session at suncor energy to combat water resistant flames from liquid fuel fires.

These annual foam firefighting training sessions are critical for firefighters now that many Grand Valley drivers use E-85 gasoline that contains water resistant ethanol.

"At Suncor they have a great facility, it's perfectly safe for us to do these operations because it's a real clean burn, but what we're actually going to be able to do is practice these techniques before we actually have to use them on a real incidents," says Derek Trombetta of the Grand Junction Fire Department.

Firefighters practiced direct and roll off techniques foam application techniques that will be used in the field to quickly put out liquid fuel fires.

Although foam is significantly more expensive than water extinguishing methods but the multi-gallon buckets used by the fire department typically last through several fires depending on their size.

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