2014 Mesa County budget approved

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Mesa County Commissioners have approved the $155 million budget for 2014.

Even with sales revenues well below average for 2013 that number is down just 1% from last year's $157-million.

The Mesa County Criminal Justice Services Department is getting $300-thousand from the county to update its vitally important computer software.

"We have a lower recidivism rate," says Director of Mesa County Criminal Justice Services, Dennis Berry. "We get them back in the community earning money, paying restitution to victims, paying child support, and court costs and all of those things."

The department's current computer program does everything from monitoring a client's movements to reminding the staff of required breathalyzer and drug testing, but it hasn't been updated in years.

Also in 2014, there won't be any new full-time hires and county employees will not receive pay raises.

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