R&M Tree Service

All Proceeds Benefit Lighthouse Ministries Rescue Mission. A Religious Organization that feeds, clothes and presents the Gospel to men, women and children that come our way.

Servicing Mesa County and surrounding areas, we specialize in the following:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Fire Wood

How To Identity A Hazardous Tree:

Examine the Top of the tree

  • Are there dead branches? Smaller dead branches mean loss of nutrients.
  • Do Some Branches rub or cross? This type of sign causes weak spots in the tree.
  • How much leaf cover does the tree have or has it lost? Loss of vegetation means a weakening tree.

Examine the trunk

  • Is the trunk forked? Forks are a sign of potential weakness.
  • Are their canks or disfiguration spots or are there fungal spots? Both are signs of decay.
  • Does your tree lean? Growing off center is a warning sign.

Root Signs

  • Are the roots severed? Severed cause a weakness in supporting the tree.
  • Are there mushrooms at the root? This is a sign of decay.

A Checklist for Preventing Hazard Trees:

  • Inspect your trees carefully several times each year and in all seasons.
  • Prune trees when they are young and regularly thereafter.
  • Use correct pruning methods, always making the pruning cut outside the branch collar.
  • Don't allow trees to be topped!
  • Always plant the right tree in the right place. For example, avoid planting large-growing trees under power lines, or too close to your house.
  • Water deeply during dry periods, slowly applying at least 1" of water.



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R&M Tree Service

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