CMU Tennis: Team gears up for Maverick Duals

CMU tennis will host the Maverick Duals starting Thursday for the women's team and Friday for the men's team.

Both teams will play familiar conference opponents over the weekend.

"If you play the same opponent or same doubles team and you lose to them in the fall," junior Lucas Martin says. "You can go back and be like 'Oh, what happened this match? What do we need to change for the next match?' Especially if you play an opponent you've lost to a couple times. When it really matters in the spring, in the conference, or the RMAC tournament then you're like 'Okay we really need to tighten this thing up.' It really just gets you prepared for the RMAC and that kind of play."

Both team begin on Friday at 8 A.M at the Elliot Tennis Center against Colorado Christian University.

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