Traction law enforced between Palisade, Fruita for first time

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) -- The traction law was put into effect by the Colorado Department of Transportation from Dotsero to the Utah state line on Monday.

This was the first time ever; the law was put in to place for the stretch of I-70 from Palisade to the state line.

It was aslo one of the longest stretches of road that CDOT has issued the traction law for, as well.

There are three simple ways to remember the traction law -- title, tread, or traction.

Title: Tires should have the title, “winter tires” or “snow tires” if they are all season tires, they must have the M/S designation which stands for mud and snow.

Tread: Tires should have a 4/32s of an inch tread. That’s really complicated so you can just use the quarter test. Stick a quarter upside down in your tire's tread and George Washington’s head should be covered.

Traction: If all else fails, make sure you have chains or another type of traction device.

There are state troopers assigned just to make sure people are following the chain law.

If you are caught without proper equipment you can face a $150 fine, if you block a lane of traffic because you don't have proper equipment your fine can be upwards of $650.

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