Study shows Colorado immunization rates are rising

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Colorado has always been on the lower end of immunization rates, but a new study suggests otherwise.

A study released by the Colorado School of Public Health earlier this year moved Colorado from the 36th state to the 14th when it comes to the number of kids who are getting immunizations.

The study cites the affordable care act may have been a reason why.

Within the past year or so, parents who wish to exempt their kids from vaccinations must submit the paper work every year to their school districts, if it’s for a personal or religious reason. Previously, parents only submitted the paperwork once.

District 51 tracks each school and how many students are immunized.

“If you have some kids who can’t get immunized for medical reasons but everyone else is immunized, then we have a much lower chance of a disease spreading to the more vulnerable populations,” explained Katie McKew, the Immunization Coordinator of District 51.

McKew said the state has changed the way officials are required to record school statistics, so their most recent numbers are from October.

However, the school district usually sits around 90 percent to 95% percent in compliance.

If you are interested in your child’s schools immunization rates, you can request the information through the school district.