Man carries 200-pound cross across 16 states

GRAND JUNCTION. Colo. (KKCo/KJCT)-- Ten thousand miles and 16 states...

Joe Shortino has been walking the country for more than four and half years.

He carries a 200-pound wooden cross with both an American and POW flag on top.

“I'm here to lift up the cross, I believe we need God to bless this country again and without our veterans, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have. I'm here to thank the veterans and to say thank you to the family that has given up so much for our freedom," said Joe Shortino.

Shortino left behind a six-figure job when he said God told him to start his journey.

He walks with no money and said he has never slept on the street or starved because of the generous people he meets along the way wanting to support his mission.

“I will never stop walking,” said Shortino.

He has no plans of stopping but every so often will go home to visit his wife and newborn baby.

“The funny thing is, is that I don’t even like walking, said Shortino,”

His goal is to continue speaking in churches and local youth groups he comes across and to thank veterans and their families for their service.

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