False news story hits the Grand Valley

This picture shows the title image of the fake news story hitting Grand Junction.
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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Two mothers and five children were killed in a fiery crash in Mesa County this week...or so a circulating article would have you believe.

You may have seen this article floating around social media, but the incident described in this story didn't actually happen. As you'll notice the author did not describe where it happened.

Our newsroom would not normally bring attention to something like this, the aspect of a fake news story, but we write this article for viewers who are concerned why we didn't cover such an event.

"If it's an online news organization you've never heard of, that's a good sign it might be someone trying to scam/fool you," said Megan Terlecky, spokesperson for the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. "Also before you click, google the headline. If the news is big or controversial chances are more than one organization will be running a story on it, so if you find nothing, then it's probably fake."

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