Plants at risk in record low temps

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKJCT) -- It's been pretty soggy all over the Grand Valley, and while the water is good for your plants, the cold isn't helping.

“It's a little scary. We might be losing some fruit or seeing some damage,” said Susan Carter, a Horticulture agent at the CSU extension.

Normally Mother's Day is kind of our cut off, as far as average last day of frost.

“Usually our lows this time of year are up in the 40s,” said Michael Charnick, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service.

Cold season crops, like cabbage and lettuce, should be ok, but warm season crops, like tomatoes and peppers, could suffer.

The experts recommend bringing potted plants inside for the night and covering your outdoor garden.

“You'll need to cover, you want to have a fabric that preferably is breathable, like bed sheets or blankets,” said Carter. “Then you have to think about the weight of that blanket, so you need supports to hold them up so you’re not crushing your tomato plants."

If you cover your plants with a plastic tarp a trash bags, don’t forget to take it off during the day, because if it heats up you can actually burn your plants.

“Some people might have to replant, it depends if you can cover and if that covering works; sometimes it just might not be enough. Time will tell how much damage we have,” Carter said.

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