Facebook Live being used by bullies

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FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) -- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been used for several years, but the newest way people are sharing information is Facebook Live.
Going live on Facebook is meant to be fun, but it's being used as a platform of negativity.

What many don't know is Facebook Live is also being used by teens to bully each other.

But why?

"I think kids feel empowered by that. They can set up their own accounts, they can do different things that they want. They can express themselves," said Amy Meier, a counselor at Cheney Middle School in West Fargo, North Dakota.

However, Meier says live streaming is a double edged sword.

"The intent of some of these social media aspects are positive, but the negative aspect seems to, when you think of having that capability of seeing something live, could be used for really great things. When it's used for negative, it really just spirals and I think the negative attention is what drives kids to watch it more," said Meier.

Teenagers in Fargo have experienced the dark side of live streaming as well.

One middle school student, Chloe Jensen, has witnessed it.

"They go on these live things and bash people, and say these hateful and rude things and comments," said Jensen.

Counselor Meier also adds that it is important for adults to be aware of this, to protect their children as well as build their self esteem.

"When I think kids lose that sense of self or they don't understand that self concept isn't just tied to that social media, then we get into some pretty gray waters," said Meier.

Some parents say talking to your kids about about online bullying is an easy way to keep them informed.

"I think its important to have an open dialogue with your children; with your nieces with your nephews, and just as a family just communicating whats going on," said mother Nicole Gebeck.