Planning commission approves asphalt plant

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ORCHARD MESA, Colo. (KJCT) -- A gravel pit, asphalt and cement plant are one step closer to being built in a local neighborhood.

You might remember plans were in the works for this to happen on C Road in Orchard Mesa.

Thursday night, the Mesa County Planning Commission decided to move forward with the idea.. .

The planning commission based its decision on land development code and Mesa County's master plan.

“Part of the criteria [for a conditional use permit] is to make sure there is some community benefit is tired to the project. Articulate why this is needed in the community.

The construction company must notify anyone living within 2,500 feet of the pit.

“This could lead to the applicant changing the parts of the project or add complexities, to the project,” said Caris.

While neighbors have fought to keep their homes stink and traffic free, they believe a state statute will overrule their efforts it said natural resources like gravel are "essential to that state's economy" and "should be extracted."

Previous plans have indicated that the Parkerson Construction could be contracted to support the new airport runway, which could be a large factor in this decision.

Airport officials said it's less expensive to pull gravel from a local area, but nothing has been decided yet.

Commissioners will discuss the issue in a meeting on March 7.

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