Can a change in weather make you sick?

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) -- "A/C is on and then the heat is on; that can definitely do it," Andi Hernandez said.

Hernandez knows this is a typical Louisiana Winter.

"Cold one day and hot the next," she said.

And as far as the body goes, you know it's on overload having to work that much harder. But do temperature roller coasters make you sick?

"Colder weather does allow these germs and viruses to spread and grow more quickly," said Doctor David Yarbrough, who works at the Family Medicine office in Monroe, Louisiana.

A weak immune system can help keep you down. It's something Pharmacist Kay Chandler says happens to a lot of people.

"In the cold weather, your immune system is weaker because you're not getting out and being as active," she explained.

Hernandez says her kids get outside, even during cold weather, and they still get sick.

"(it's a) change of weather, dry weather, being around other kids," she said.

And the cold and flu is no fun to fight.

"If its a bacterial infection, then that means only antibiotics will help and that means a visit to your doctor or nurse practitioner," Chandler said.

So what should you do to avoid getting knocked down by the flu?

"Keep the hand sanitizer around," Chandler said.

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